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Code of Riding Conduct

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CTC NIDA cycling in County Antrim

David Jeffery and Jimmy Winters lead the Sunday cyclists through lanes near Ballyclare.

We are rightly critical of the road behaviour of many motorists but we must be careful that by our own road behaviour we do not invite justified criticism of cyclists.  Always be considerate to all road users; remember we want them on our side.



  • Ride in neat formation never more than two abreast.
  • Observe the highway code.
  • Use lights at night.
  • Wear conspicuous clothing at night or in poor lighting conditions.
  • Single out on busy or narrow roads
  • Indicate potholes or debris to following riders.
  • Divide into two or more sections when more than 12 riders, leaving and maintaining ample room between the sections.
  • give clear warnings i.e. 'Car down' (from the front) or 'Car up' (from the rear). This is not necessary when road is clear and club is in neat formation.
  • Make sure your cycle is properly maintained, pay particular attention to brakes and tyres. Many punctures can be avoided by regularly examining tyres and replacing before being worn out.
  • Exercise care when passing horses and other animals. Do not sound your bell or shout as this can have a startling effect on animals.
  • Make clear hand signals, particularly when turning right.
  • Use cycle paths where provided and maintained. On shared paths a bell (required by law) is a useful way of letting pedestrians know you are there.


  • Signal a following car to pass except in exceptional circumstances and never when you cannot see the road ahead for a safe distance. (It is the responsibility of the car driver to see the road is clear.)
  • Give confusing signals to following vehicles.
  • Filter between cars stopped at traffic lights - except on the inside and then never with heavy vehicles.
  • Stop the club at corners or where visibility is poor.
  • Make rude gestures at motorists - it will not improve their driving and will not improve your image.
  • Stop suddenly without warning.
  • Cycle on footpaths or in busy pedestrian areas.


  • It is up to each and every one of us not only to stay alive - but to improve the reputation of cycling by our own behaviour.

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